The Master's Journey is the spiritual path,  the sacred journey taken by the many mystics and prophets who walked the earth long before us. By taking the Master's Journey, you gain access to deeply spiritual principles of life that help you transform your relationship with yourself, your world and with other people. The teachings of the Master's Journey help you manifest authentic love, a life of purpose, and circumstances that you desire. All is gained through a reverence for the Divine, and a reverence for Life. Here at LazyWisdom Mystic, the Master's Journey takes the form of:


 ➡ Four brand new recorded webinars every month

➡ Live Facebook sessions (ad-hoc)

➡  An Expanding Video Resource Library

➡  An Expanding Library of Work Manuals

➡  An Expanding Library of Practical Workbooks

➡ A Private Exclusive Community

➡ Easy Access to Admin Support


Taking the Master's Journey is a commitment to manifesting the best life possible for yourself, and you do so using the sacred principles of life that are known to every authentic prophet and mystic, of the past and the present. 

If you would like a PREVIEW of the membership site, you may click on the link above to get a FREE 4-part video series that also provides powerful lessons on how to live the life you have always longed for. These free videos are packed with valuable information and free workbooks, and they will give you a glimpse of what it means to be part of our exclusive LazyWisdom Mystic community.